Fujikawa Maru – 37m

Fujikawa Maru, Truk Lagoon

Launched 15th April 1938 the Fujikawa Maru was built as a passenger-cargo ship.  The Japanese Navy took control of Fujikawa in December 1940 and converted her into an aircraft ferry.  She is 132m long and 6,938g.t. with a single diesel engine giving a maximum speed of 16knts.

Fujikawa is perhaps the most impressive dive of Truk Lagoon – festooned with coral and packed with aircraft parts, ammunition and the infamous R2D2 compressor in the engine room.  Today she lies in shallow water with her mast approaching the surface upright on a seabed of 35m.  She is suitable for all divers with many parts of the wreck shallow, but to be fully enjoyed some penetration is required.


Links: Photo by Michael McFadyen Scuba | Fujikawa Maru Boat on Thorfinn

Outstanding, world-class

Outstanding, world-class