Fujisan Maru – 58m

Fujisan Maru, Truk LagoonLaunched on 31st May 1931 the Fujisan Maru is an Oil Tanker built by the Harima Dockyard for the lino-Kaiun Line.  At 156m long and 12,501g.t. she had a diesel engine and was capable of 18knts.

The wreck today lies in 58m of water, is largely in tact and listing to port.   However, the wreck is very very silty, especially inside.  In contrast to the other wrecks of Truk Lagoon penetration is less interesting due to both the hazard and the very fine nature of the silt which stirs easily.

She is best visited with trimix.


Links: Photo by Michael McFadyen Scuba | Fujisan Maru on Thorfinn

Nice dive, I'll be back

Nice dive, I’ll be back